Want Foot Traffic? Advertise Now!

The Scottsdale Downtown Map & Directory is the official Downtown city guide designed to help visitors not only navigate Downtown Scottsdale’s unique geography but enjoy all the diverse and exciting businesses and cultural centers that call Downtown home.

250,000 copies are distributed to over 450 locations throughout the state and Southwest region; from hotel and concierge desks, to information kiosks and offices. Extended distribution includes California, Nevada and New Mexico.

There is no other advertising vehicle guaranteed to reach this number of affluent Downtown Scottsdale visitors, tourists and locals than this city-sponsored map and directory.

Key Features:

  • Massive Annual Statewide Distribution:
    250,000 Directories are used (not just distributed) every year. That’s Approximately 21,000 per month, or 675 per day.
  • Full Seasonal Exposure, Winter to Winter:
    Season to season means both Summer, Winter and International visitors are reached, as well as Spring Training, Cultural Center and Culinary Fest attendees.
  • Handy Pocket Size and Weight:
    Designed to fit easily in your palm, purse or pocket.
  • Online Listings For Mobile Online & Web Users:
    www.scottsdaledowntownmapanddirectory.com lists all businesses and special offers by select advertisers.
  • Foldout Downtown Maps:
    Parking, Trolley and local facilities.